Class Reference

Class Description
dmitrybtn\yimp\Asset Asset bundle for YIMP css and js files.
dmitrybtn\yimp\AssetIcons Asset bundle for Fontawesome.
dmitrybtn\yimp\ErrorAction Error action, showing error info using dmitrybtn\yimp\Navigator.
dmitrybtn\yimp\MenuAdapter Adapter for yii\bootstrap4\Nav, providing some additional functionality.
dmitrybtn\yimp\Navigator Base class to pass data from controller to layout.
dmitrybtn\yimp\RouteHelper Provides methods to work with routes
dmitrybtn\yimp\Url This class is used only to make yii\helpers\Url::normalizeRoute public, so that dmitrybtn\yimp\RouteHelper can use it.
dmitrybtn\yimp\Yimp Main package class, used to render layout snippets.
dmitrybtn\yimp\widgets\Alert Alert widget from Yii project template, adapted for Bootstrap 4
dmitrybtn\yimp\widgets\Controls Widget, showing form Submit and Cancel buttons is right sidebar on desktops and in footer on mobiles.
dmitrybtn\yimp\widgets\Menu Extension of yii\bootstrap4\Nav, providing some additional functionality.